Primary care, outpatient services and hospitals *needs to be 300

Primary Care, Outpatient Services and Hospitals

*needs to be 300 words*

Read chapters 7 and 8. Answer the questions in your own words (typing sentences directly from your text is not accepted) and submit your document in the drop box. Substantive answers are necessary to receive full points for each question.

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Primary care, outpatient services and hospitals *needs to be 300
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Cite at least 1 external reference (in APA format) in your answers.

  1. Define each outpatient healthcare setting as listed in your text.
  2. Explain the significance of gatekeeping in regards to primary care and keeping healthcare costs down.
  3. Define primary, secondary, and tertiary care and give examples of each one in action.
  4. Define each type of hospital listed in your text.


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