Probation and parole unit 4 assignment

Unit 4 AS: Major Tenets

There are several treatment-related theories in probation and parole, and you need to consider each of these theories in your presentation. Simply, you do not need to address all of the theories in your discussion, but you need to consider their relevance to your position. With that said, please present the major tenets of your own theory in your own words. You can use the best ideas, in your opinion, from various theories, and create your own theory. This can also be accomplished by merging theories or creating an original theory or treatment model. Remember:

• A theory is a based upon a hypothesis and backed by evidence.

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Probation and parole unit 4 assignment
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• A theory is not merely a guess.

• A theory describes a behavior.

• A theory predicts future behaviors.

In addition to external research, remember to review the lecture, readings and resources for this unit to help you formulate your responses. Please be sure to fully develop your responses to each question presented. Your position, argument or rationale should never be assumed.


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