Process analysis essay : super mario brothers video game 750 words

Process analysis explains how something is done. That’s it. This is actually a fairly easy type of writing, which is one reason why it’s so common. Think about it–maybe you don’t write down instructions all the time, but you probably verbally give instructions constantly throughout the day. You know a lot, about a lot of different things, and you use process analysis to convey that information.

Whatever you decide to write on, you will want to write from your experience and work on developing your “voice”–do not go to the Internet for ideas and don’t use any sources for this paper. Write your own thoughts, from your own head and do NOT incorporate any research. Remember, you know a lot. Tell us about an interesting process that you do, or that you experienced, or that you can imagine.

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Process analysis essay : super mario brothers video game 750 words
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With Process Analysis, as with most types of writing, your audience and your purpose are two things you should determine before you begin writing: especially with Process Analysis, you will need to know your audience and your reason for writing this essay. Who will be reading this? Someone likely to follow your instructions? Someone who already knows a lot about your subject? If so, you’ll need to be precise. You won’t have to include background information, as you can assume your readers already know that stuff.

If your audience is simply reading for enjoyment or general information, however, than you can provide more general guidelines, safe in the knowledge that no one is going to actually use your paper as an instruction manual. This is connected to your purpose, of course: think about what you’re trying to accomplish. Do you want your readers to do the task you’re describing…or are you trying to convince them that something which appears easy is actually quite difficult (or vice versa)?

You’ll also need to consider the “analysis” component–this means that in addition to describing HOW to do something, you should also include WHY you should or shouldn’t do something–the WHY part is the analysis.


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