Professional code of behavior | Applied Sciences homework help


Analyze an existing professional code of behavior that relates to your healthcare specialty.

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Professional code of behavior | Applied Sciences homework help
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(If your medical occupational specialty group does not have a professional code, compare and contrast to that of another healthcare specialty.)


2-6 page paper: excluding title page, reference, appendices, etc


Description: Assess the professional code of conduct as it relates to the practice of your medical occupational specialty. a) Illustrate why each of those points is important, ie, what would happen if they were violated? b) Identify 5–10 points of the professional code you believe to be most important to healthcare practice.  Appropriately reference the professional code of conduct and attach it as an appendix.


Possible points:


Identify 5-10 points most important to healthcare practice with rationale          0-25


Illustrate why each point is important                                                                          0-75



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