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Application: Programmer Interview

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Programmer interview | Applied Sciences homework help
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You will interview a programmer to find out how IT professionals view communication. You can find a programmer in any field—it does not need to be a programmer working in the healthcare or public health field. You may conduct a phone or face-to-face interview. Set aside at least half an hour for this discussion and ask the following questions:

·         How do you communicate with the people you work for? Describe both your day-to-day communications and communication related to specific projects.

·         Do you feel that your management staff really listens to you? What are some challenges you encounter in communicating with them and explaining what you are doing?

·         Even if you are not involved in training, how would you explain a particular system you work on to a new employee?

You may want to record the interview, or just take written notes. If you choose to record the interview, please be sure to get the programmer’s permission first. Some people are uncomfortable with recording.

In your write-up of this interview, please include an introductory paragraph and a summary of your observations, with reference to your reading in this week and in previous ones. Remember to use APA formatting, and to include your references


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