Programming-create a calculator | Information Systems homework help

Create a graphical calculator with buttons that can add, subtract, multiply, divide, +/-, Sin, Cos, Tan, clear and Modulus.

Write a method for each of these calculations that will accept the needed incoming numbers and return the calculated value.

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Programming-create a calculator | Information Systems homework help
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  • Please note the call to these methods will occur when = is pressed.
  • You will only need 1 textbox to input numbers and display the results.

Key Requirements for the Unit 4 IP:

– Your program must be a Windows app (not a Console app) in C#

– There is no Word document with this app (no essay, charts, etc)

– You MUST submit the entire project in a ZIP

– You may NOT download and modify a calculator program you found elsewhere (any such attempt will produce a grade of zero)

– You may NOT base your calculator on a tutorial you found on the Web (best way: follow the general approach outlined in the video)

– You may NOT include extra functions in your calculator that are not required by the instructions

– Menus, tab controls, and multi-form apps are NOT allowed


Regarding Modulus in the instructions, the operator for modulus is the percent symbol (%). If I say 4%2 then I’m telling the computer to divide 4 by 2 and give us the *remainder* (if there is one).


Regarding the +/- requirement, this simply changes the sign on any number in the textbox (a positive number becomes negative; a negative number becomes positive). To see an example, see the Windows calculator. The easiest way to accomplish this in your program is to multiply the input times -1.


The Clear command should set all the variables to zero as well as the textbox.


Aside from these issues, probably the trickiest aspect of this program is how to trigger which math operator you want the calculator to use. The video shows how to do this using a global variable.


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