Programming follow up | Computer Science homework help

In the last 10 years, online product purchases have exploded. For many consumers, this is the preferred method because of the convenience and the ability to comparison shop. By the completion of this class, you will have developed an interactive Java program that supports a company of your choosing to sell products online. This will allow customers to order products through your application.

You are trying to decide the best methodology to approach the development of your online product ordering system. You have heard that using object-oriented programming (OOP) will save you time and allow you to reuse many of the functions that you develop for this application. You also recognize that there will be requests for future functionality to be added to this ordering application after you launch the first version.

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Programming follow up | Computer Science homework help
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You have decided to evaluate the similarities and differences between structured procedural programming and object oriented programming. You are also looking at how the object-oriented concepts can enhance your overall design and the development of this application.

Research at least 2 sources (which may include your textbook) to support your response. Discuss the following:

  • What are the similarities between procedural programming and object-oriented programming?
  • What are the differences between procedural programming and object-oriented programming?
  • Choose 4 of the following object-oriented concepts, and explain how they help in programming objects, classes, methods, encapsulation, information hiding, inheritance, or polymorphism. 

Note: You should write 2 more paragraphs that are an introduction and conclusion to this topic.

Be sure to include your references and format your submission in APA format.


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