Programming help2 | Computer Science homework help

Step 1. Creating the Theme and Skins

Create a custom theme

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Programming help2 | Computer Science homework help
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Create a theme called Theme1 and another called Theme2.

Configure your web site to use the Theme1 theme 

Use skins, stylesheets to configure your project’s colors and design. 

You will be graded on your ability to customize the theme to enhance the appearance of your web site. 

Design a calendar using a skin

Create a web page called Calendar.aspx in your Pages folder. 

Create a file in Theme1. In the file, create two calendar skins with very different appearances. Name one of the skins, MyCalendarSkin. Leave the other with no skin ID assigned. 

Insert a calendar in the Calendar.aspx page. Configure the calendar to use the MyCalendarSkin skin.

Duplicate the skin files and place them in the Theme2 folder. Change the properties of the skins. 

You will be graded on your ability to customize the calendar to match the rest of your web site. 

Step 2. Design Your Calendar using C#

Use C# to configure the content and format of the calendar using the DayRender event handler. 

Your rummage sale wants to setup weekly dates on a calendar to show when the sale is open and closed. They want to indicate the days that are closed by turning the background color to a different color.

Display text, links, images, literal text with HTML inside at least five individual days in the current month. 

The client also wants to indicate that there is a sale on the 12th this month, with 40% off. 

The client wants to show images indicating what products are on sale every Wednesday. (Pens, pencils, flowers, paper and other household items are for sale at this rummage shop). You pick the images.

Insert content for at least 12 major holidays. (You can pick them or search for major holidays)

Step 3. Creating an Interactive Program using C#

Use C# to create interactive programs with your calendar.  

When the user clicks a date they plan to visit the store, provide them with date they selected and the store hours. If they visit on the 3rd, 18th, or 27th, tell them the store is closed that day. 

Mon, Tues, Friday 9-5

Wed, Thurs 10-8

Sat, Sun 12-5


Step 4. Creating an Interactive Program using C#

In order to properly analyze and document your web program, use the tools you have learned about this week in your readings. 

Add custom error pages to your web site. Point the ASP errors to Oops.aspx. 

Add a page called Oops.aspx in your Pages folder. Customize this page. Use the information about the error, to explain to the user why there was an error. 


  2. Create a page called Admin.aspx in your Pages folder. Customize this page. On this page do the following:

Use application variables to track the number of users online on the site and the total number of visitors. 

Provide a link to the Trace Report page. 

Use event handling and exception handling to help identify problems in your application. Exception handling works with the Try-Catch and exception objects. Error handling includes things such as verifying that the field has a value before displaying it or using it (so it’s not null). In other words, general error handling that you have learned in other classes. 

Step 5. Review and document your programs

Preview and test your program. Again, make sure there is adequate documentation all of your programs. (ASP, CS, etc)

If you need additional screen shots to show your program, just add them here.

Review your code and make sure you used descriptive names for the controls. (Not textbox1 or label1) 

Screen shots of the web pages in the browser with the address bar showing.  In other words, show me that your pages worked!

Screen shots of the entire source code files you modified this week. 


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