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Write a Java application using NetBeans Integrated Development
Environment (IDE) for the following programming
assignments listed.

#1 Employee Exception

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Programming solutions | Computer Science homework help
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Write a Java application that assigns hourly wages to employees. Create an EmployeeException class whose constructor receives a String that consists of an employee ID and pay rate. Create an Employee class with two fields, an identification number and an hourly wage. The employee constructor requires values for both fields. Upon construction, throw an EmployeeException if the hourly wage is less than $6.00 or over $50.00. Write an application that creates at least three employees with hourly wages below, above and within the given range. Make sure that at least 2 exceptions are thrown and displayed. Call this main class ThrowEmployee.

Turn in your source files named–

Include a prolog (a block of comments at the top of the class file) stating what each class does and document your code.
Remove all package statements.


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