Project management assignment 5 | Computer Science homework help

 Watch a video about a famous company, such as Google, Apple, or Walmart, that focuses on its treatment of workers and customers. (Netflix has several videos about companies, and you can find several documentaries on the Internet.

  • How do these organizations manage their human resources?
  • How do they treat customers and suppliers?
  • Do they treat people differently in different parts of the world or in different positions?
  • What perks do they provide?
  • Which perks would be most important to you, and why?
  • Summarize your findings and opinions in a one-or two-page paper, and cite the references you use

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Project management assignment 5 | Computer Science homework help
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  • A minimum of 500 words excluding the title page and references is required.
  • Use APA format – Refer to APA Style


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