Project observation assignment: language development

Observation: Language Observation: 

a. Complete a Running Record (pg. 8) during the observation.  

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Project observation assignment: language development
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b. Pull out one incident/behavior from the running record to write an anecdotal record note on  the Anecdotal Note form (pg. 7).  

c. Document one (1) I Wonder statement on the form (page 18).  

d. Fill in the Language Development section on the Connecting Information Gathered From  Families To Developmental Domains sheet (pg. 20) by writing in any information from the  parent interview that pertains to the child’s language development. Then put an X in the circle  in front of the domain goal represented at the bottom for the statements you have written for the  Language Development goal. 


 Running Record, 

 Anecdotal Record,  

 One I Wonder statement (it’s okay to have only one on the sheet that you will submit), 

 Connecting Information Gathered From Families To Developmental Domains sheet with the Language Development Sections completed. 


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