Project plan assignment | Information Systems homework help


Project Plan Assignment Guidelines:

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Project plan assignment | Information Systems homework help
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You will write a Software Development Project Plan for a given software high-level scope using any of the methods taught in this course.

Worth: 20% or course grade

Here are some guidelines for your project plan assignment:

• Envision your dream software project and how you would manage it using one of the methodologies covered in the course.

• It can be a small, medium, or large project with an open source ($0) budget all the way up to a multimillion dollar budget.

Define your project:

• Describe your project and the reason for it in approximately one page.


• Pick your process which can be off-the-shelf, or a hybrid of several other processes.

• Provide a flowchart diagram that details your process at high level, and low-level if necessary. In other words diagram the process for the entire project scope, and at various lower levels (such as one month cycles) if necessary.

• Then, describe your process in at least 2-3 pages of text.

• After this, describe this process as applied to your specific project.


• Include at least a Gantt chart for the completion timeline. There are many online tools for creating Gantt charts, but the most robust method seems to be Microsoft project, and/or Visio.  PERT chart is optional.


• The last part will be special issues and/or risks and how you plan to address these. You can use a bullet point format for these.

• Finally, in your 1-2 page conclusion please explain why you picked this approach, and compare it to at least two other alternatives which you feel would less successful.

That is it, other information is up to you. The final report should be 14 pages or less, including cover page references pages.

The previous should be regarded as just suggestions, the final report structure is up to you.  You may choose to include less or additional or other topics not listed.

Please format your report similarly to the short paper submissions.  Good luck!


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