Project presentation | aerodyanmics | embry riddle

The goal of that presentation was to inform a new owner/operator of your selected aircraft about the specific performance characteristics that you analyzed throughout this project. The following discussion will be the platform for your presentations and the peer reviews.

Discussion Guidelines

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Project presentation | aerodyanmics | embry riddle
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  • Use the discussion area below to upload your presentation.
  • Then, review at least two of your peers’ presentations and provide comments and reflection.  If you find errors in the presentation, you are to bring them up (nicely of course) and hopefully have a dialog on what the errors are and how to fix them! If you really like the presentation say so!

Please visit the Field Exercises and Presentation Resources page for pertinent spreadsheets, resources, and websites that may assist you in completing this assignment. 

For detailed instructions and expectations, be sure to read the Discussion Guidelines, located in the Course Specific Information area of the course for you to view at any time. 


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