Project report and ppt | Computer Science homework help


Requirements & Submission: 

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Project report and ppt | Computer Science homework help
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1. You will have to submit a five-page individual project report and a ppts (10 minutes presentation) based on this report. 

2. Five-page individual project report must include two-page summary of an assigned research paper, implementation of small module or design of database from assigned research paper, its Oracle SQL code, and screen shot of output. 

3. Summary of research paper must include following topics. 

(a) Problem statements of the research article.

(b) Background or literature survey or related work of research article

(c) Solution statement or proposed work mentioned in the research article.

(d) Results and discussion mentioned in the research article.

(e) Conclusion and most important reference numbers mentioned in the research article.

4. The design and implementation of small module of a database from the assigned research article must include: 

(a) The description and requirements of selected module from assigned research article. 

(b) The details of hardware (your machine) and software (must include versions) used in your project. 

(c) Requirements and ERD (Crow’s foot model) of selected database from research paper. 

(d) You need to include Oracle SQL code as an appendix in this report. 

(e) The screen shots of result of Oracle SQL code must be included in this report. 

(f) The brief discussion needs to be included in this report based on your results.  

(g) You will have to submit *.SQL code of the project as an appendix. However, the appendix will not be counted in the number of pages of “Project Report”. It implies that appendix is considered additional number of pages in the project report. Additionally, there is no restriction of number of pages for the appendix. 

(h) The internal documentation (i.e. comments) is required in Oracle SQL code. It means that you will have to mention that what are the purposes of a block of Oracle SQL code.

5. The format of individual project report must follow following specifications.

Font: Helvetica, Font size: 12, single line inter-line spacing, page-setup: 1in all sides. Also, you have to include front page as per given guidelines. The sample of front page is available on blackboard. The front page will not be counted in 5-page individual project report.

6. You need to make a ppts for 10 minutes based on your project report. Also, you will have to present this ppts in the class. The presentation schedule will be announced on blackboard.

8. Graduate Students:

(a) Graduate students will have to submit 7-page project report instead of 5-page report. It includes five-page report similar to undergraduate student’s report and additional two-page includes the summary of research paper from another research paper. The second paper you may choose from references of assigned research paper. 

(b) You need to make ppts presentation from assigned research paper only. Also, you will have to consider only assigned research paper for individual project and presentation.  


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