Propaganda essay | English homework help

English Propaganda essay:

Here is my thesis statement:

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Propaganda essay | English homework help
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“Throughout the Cold War, the USA used different forms of propaganda to combat the wave of communism coming from the Soviet Union. These techniques were used to have an influence on society and force them to embrace the individualism of America that contrasted a country under communist reign. “

Comments from my professor – “Sounds good. Make sure that you define what you mean by communism and individualism, cite the definitions, and clearly and concisely prove/argue your points.”

We have been learning about the Moscow Music Festival, Wind of Change by the Scorpions in class so this subject would need to be included. We have been listening to the Wind of Change podcast on Spotify. Points from this would be great to include. 

I need to argue my opinion in this essay and use the sources to prove my points.

5-7 pages & 7 sources

MLA Format


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