Protocol recommendations | Business & Finance homework help

Assignment 2: Protocol Recommendations


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Protocol recommendations | Business & Finance homework help
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Use the online library and the Internet to conduct research on organizations in the banking and finance industries that use forward-thinking policies for proactive crisis management. Note the practices followed by these organizations—which could be small or large, public or private—to ethically manage exposure and crisis.


Based on the online research, create and post a six-slide PowerPoint presentation.  The presentation should contain recommendations on the effective crisis- and risk-management protocols to be followed to protect firms in the banking and finance industry. Highlight the ethical implication of these protocols. Cite industry best practices to support your recommendations. Use the SAR* framework.


*SAR = (Situation, Action, Recommendation)


Slide 1: Situation
Slide 2: Situation
Slide 3: Action
Slide 4: Action
Slide 5: Recommendation
Slide 6: Recommendation


Assignment should follow APA rules for attributing sources and original work as it will be turned in to TURNITIN for review.   Due date is 8 PM PST, Friday, 3/29/2013.  


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