Proverbs | Education homework help

Discuss the following with an essay of at least 350 words.

Proverbs are words to live by.  In the ancient world many culture had their “words of wisdom” that directed their steps much as a sonar keeps a submarine on course in the merky depths of the sea. Can you think of a proverb or two that your parents or grandparents taught you? As you read through the Book of Proverbs, are there some that stand out to you as guiding lights in your own life? What are they? Share why or how these have protected and/or enriched your life as you observed the wisdom contained in them? As you have studied these afresh in this class, are there any proverbs that have made a fresh imprint on your own life today? Share with the class why or how these have been especially meaningful at this time.

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Proverbs | Education homework help
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 At least 2 scholarly sources are to be researched for the writing of this essay as well as the bible, and they are to be properly cited with current Turabian style footnotes and a bibliography (works cited page).


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