Provide answers in a word document 1 1/2 (written answers)pages and

Provide answers in a word document 1 1/2 (Written Answers)pages and calculation in excel please. Answers should be provided below each question.


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Provide answers in a word document 1 1/2 (written answers)pages and
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Assume it’s October 4, 2012. Apple stock (AAPL) is selling for $666.80 per share. Using the option prices provided earlier in this lesson, provide analysis to answer the following four questions:


Question 1


Focus on the November 685 call. Suppose you bought this call at the price indicated. How high must AAPL’s price rise at expiration to break even on this option?


Question 2


Now, look at the November 685 put. Provide atable showing the profit at expiration to a put buyer across a range of stock prices.



Question 3


Assume you own 100 shares of AAPL stock (at $666.80 per share). Use the November 655 put to develop a protective put strategy. How will this strategy protect your position in AAPL if the stock price falls to $600? What if the price rises to $720?



Question 4


Create a strangle by buying the November 685 call and the November 655 put. What’s the maximum loss for this position and what stock price will produce it? Where will you break even? Why would an investor establish a position like this?


Attached find class notes related to the subject as well as an excel file to use as reference to answers the questions.


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