Psy/320 week 1 – individual assignment – motivation concepts table

PSY/320 Week 1 – Individual Assignment – Motivation Concepts Table (Initial) – A+ & Original Guaranteed from an A+ rated tutor!


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Psy/320 week 1 – individual assignment – motivation concepts table
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PSY/320 Human Motivation

University of Phoenix, Axia College

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Individual Motivation Concepts Table – Initial

Complete the “Motivation Concepts Table” found in the Course Materials Forum for Week One.  There is NO PAPER DUE but you MUST complete and submit the initial table for this assignment.

For each of the 24 mini-theories include the name, person connected to the theory, and the year of first prominence– the first 3 columns of the table MUST be complete. 

For the 3 Grand Theories, provide detailed information and key concepts for each of these theories – all 4 columns.

During the course you are required to add details of key theory concepts to the 24 Mini Theories.  The FINAL VERSION of the Motivational Concepts Table– the revised grand theories and the completed mini-theories – will be submitted in Week Four. 

You must include your name, assignment title, and all reference information in APA format.  Submit to Assignments. 


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