Public health/ health evaluation &implementation program assign.

The Assignm consists of a WORKSHEET to fill based on reading 2 chapters from a book about the THEORIES applied. I have an article teh WRKSHEET is based on, BUT YOU NEED TO GO THROUGH the 2 chapters of the book to read &familiarize with the Theories in Public health Programs and find the one that applies to the article. ONLY then the WORKSHEET can easily be filled up. There is also  a “Rubric Detail for you to see how the Prof. grades this worksheet. I also have a 15 Qs Quizz, along with the WORKSHEET which is also attached. Quizz is also  based on the book. I have the book and I will give the book to the person I will work with. Simple as that: go through the 2 chapters in the book, all Quizz Answers are there and all the theories that can be applied to my artcle are there.

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Public health/ health evaluation &implementation program assign.
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