Public health hw | Reading homework help



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Public health hw | Reading homework help
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First: Go to this link and Read Chapter 7 of this report-Workforce Developmen

               (You might have to register as a new user with your email and a password.  It is free!)

Second: Answer these questions:


  1. There are three (3) types of boards of health.  Which one would be more instrumental in influencing the implementation of a smoke-free policy in a community?  Name one other public health policy a board of health might advance in a community.
  2. External Constituencies are an important part of public health practice.  Please review the aspects of External Constituencies for Rural, Suburban and Urban agencies.  Based on your personal preferences, which type agency would you prefer to work and why?
  3. Competency Statements:  What are they?  How can they help a health department strive to meet the intent of their mission, vision and values?
  4. Academic institutions can play important roles in workforce related activities for both the employees of local health departments and the students in public health programs.  Identify any two (2) roles and share your insight why these two roles are important.



1) NO Plagiorism.

2) Use simple words.

3) Use your own words ONLY “NO referances”

4)Due on Monday 31 Aug 2015 by 4:00pm


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