Public relation | Human Resource Management homework help

Marketing PR in the News

Marketing public relations (MPR) is no longer a simple one-way communication that serves to announce a product, event, or cause. With the advent of new technologies, MPR is part of a two-way communication that builds a brand relationship using traditional and new media channels.

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Public relation | Human Resource Management homework help
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Main Discussion Post

Select an issue or a story that is receiving a great deal of media attention. Concentrate on a major national news story, and complete the following:

    Identify the media sources that are carrying the story. Do not limit yourself to newspapers and TV; look for blogs, microblogs, or other types of media that cover the topic.

                     Discuss how the messages differ among media sources

                     Identify common threads across the media.

This post should be 3 paragraphs (300 words). Cite and reference your sources in APA format. 


                     Select 1 classmate’s post, and trace the originator of this media buzz by finding a press release that was issued by a public relations agency or a stakeholder. If you are unable to find a press announcement, deduce who would be the most likely source of the story.

    Second interactive response

                     Select another class member’s post, and discern which one of the messages is meant for a target group that you represent. Explain why you feel that it speaks to you, and define your target status.

Each post should be one paragraph (75 words) and must be substantive in nature


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