Public safety | English homework help


The goal of this discussion is to learn more about the laws that govern the field of public safety, to think more broadly about these statutes, and to learn from your classmates who have a variety of experiences. 

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Public safety | English homework help
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Consider a statute that governs some aspect of public safety, preferable from a discipline in which you work or aspire to work or have researched (see below).

Explain the authority that the government has to pass such a law.  For example, if it’s a federal law, what is the constitutional authority.  If a state law, is it simply a power not delegated to the Federal government under the Tenth Amendment?  Is it more specifically a statute that would fall under the Police Powers?   

Explain what, if any constitutional challenges could be brought when the government enforces that statute.  If you can think of none, explain the constitutional limits of the statute.  In other words, how much more expansive would the statute have to be before it would begin to encroach on constitutional limits. 

If you work in public safety, I prefer that you discuss a statute that affects public safety in the field in which you work.  If you don’t work in public safety, discuss a statute that affects public safety in the field in which you want to work or have researched. 


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