****puja only please***** | Information Systems homework help

Each DB should be at least 3 paragraphs


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****puja only please***** | Information Systems homework help
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DB 5

  • Discuss why someone would choose a mesh network topology.
    • What situations and uses would tend to find such a network appealing? Provide a specific example.
  • What situations would a traditional infrastructure network be more appealing?


DB 4

Advanced 3G systems like LTE and 802.16e (WiMax) use OFDM. So do all potential 4G systems like LTE-Advanced and 802.16m. Even digital video broadcasts are now OFDM. Prior 3G standards, like UMTS and EVDO, predominantly used CDMA.

  • Why has this shift occurred?
    • Do you feel it is for the better?
  • What specific cross-layer optimizations are unique to OFDMA?
    • How have these affected this migration?
  • Why did standards such as GSM and TDMA flourish before?
    • Would a different solution have made better sense?
  • What trends do you see?


DB 3

In recent years, the FCC and other bodies around the world have been removing spectrum dedicated to analog TV transmission and giving this spectrum for other uses. This tends to be low frequency spectrum that is highly desirable.

  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of other uses of this spectrum.
  • How do you feel it should be fairly distributed?


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