Qnt 561 week 2 team assignment ( business research project part 1

Identify an organization from any member in your Learning Team or an organization with which your team is familiar.  If an actual company is used, disguise its name with a pseudonym.

  • Alternatively, create a fictitious organization based on the dataset provided under Resources -Data Sets.

Identify one independent variable and one dependent variable based on the business.  Operationalize these variables if they are too abstract to measure.
Develop a real or realistic scenario for the introduction based on the company you chose and the two variables. Include a background, a business problem and the team’s role of no more than 350 words.

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Qnt 561 week 2 team assignment ( business research project part 1
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Develop a research question from the two variables.

  • Use the Research Question Two Variable Handout for guidance.

Create hypothesis statements based on the research question.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

Note: In Week 3, this paper will be appended with new content.


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