Quality management | Information Systems homework help

Your company is considering the adoption of a rigorous form of quality management to keep projects focused on business goals. You are somewhat acquainted with a variety of approaches to quality management. Your boss has asked you to create a report to answer some questions. 

In a report of 4–5 pages, complete the following:

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Quality management | Information Systems homework help
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  • Discuss the following quality management approaches: 
    • TQM
    • Plan-do-check
    • Six sigma
    • Just in time 
  • Which of the principles align most with project management phases?
  • Justify your selected choice with concrete examples.
  • Conduct analysis of the quality management tools and techniques that are used in project quality planning, project quality assurance, and project quality control.
  • Provide perspective by outlining how they impact the overall project quality management process. 

Complete your paper and reference sources using APA style.


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