Quantitative research plan | Human Resource Management homework help

Research Plan – Quantitative


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Quantitative research plan | Human Resource Management homework help
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Length: 2800 words



Identify a dependent variable for a business problem for Telstra Communication Australia which is of interest.

Detail Structure of the Report



1.       Introduction

Briefly provide some background information to the organisation & the topic.


2.       Research Problem


Identify a dependent variable for a business problem which is of interest


Explain the business problem that exists, a quick overview. .


Highlight a dependent variable



2.1   Assumptions


3.     Literature Review

(a) Identifies how to most appropriately measure the dependent variable of interest, document and comment on its validity and reliability properties.

(b) Identify at least two variables which are hypothesized to influence or explain the dependent variable of interest, document and comment on their validity and reliability properties.


3.1   Measuring the levels of motivation and career advancement (dependent variable of interest)


The two dependent variables of interest, levels of motivation and career advancement, requires the most appropriate measurement tool, in order to ensure accurate results with the utmost reliability and validity.






4.     Research Hypothesis and Conceptual Model & Hypotheses

4.1   Hypothesis

List the specific hypotheses/theory relating the dependent variable to the independent variables.



4.2   Conceptual Model







Draw an accompanying diagram illustrating the conceptual model. Briefly outline the theory which underpins these hypotheses and the conceptual model.


5.     Quantitative Research Method

Develop and justify an appropriate questionnaire which can be used to generate the data to test the proposed conceptual model. Explicitly consider other control and demographic variables which may impact on the employed framework.


6.     Quantitative Research Plan

The research plan should address, at least, the following, choices must be justified:
• What is the population of interest and what sampling frame will be used? How will sampling be conducted? What is the target sample size?
• How will the data be collected, mail survey, on-line distribution, face-to-face? Motivate your choice.
• How do you propose to analyse the data?
• What are the ethical implications of your research, and how will they be addressed?


6.1   Sample Selection and Research Details

How many groups, interviews or case studies would you recommend?

Consider Time Constraints, Cost, Research Question


How will you select the sample of research participants?

Purposeful sample? Random Sample?.


Location – i.e. where should the interviews /groups be conducted?

i.e. organisation site? Neutral site? Coffee shop? Your location?


6.2   Ethical Considerations

How would you propose the data be analysed?

Methods. Display/present data?


What are the ethical implications of your research, and how will they be addressed?

Any *taboo* topics? Sensitive topics? Etc?

Are you maintaining anonymity? Are you disguising respondents names/identity?

7.     APA References


8.     Appendix

Include the Questionnaire Example used for the survey in this section




We are carrying out an evaluation of some of the library’s services, to see if we can improve facilities and make them more relevant for our customers.  Thank you for taking the time to fill in this questionnaire; it should only take 10 minutes.  Please return your completed questionnaire to any member of library staff, or put it in the box providedYour answers will be treated with complete confidentiality, and unless you choose to provide an e-mail address, will be entirely anonymous.  If you have any questions about this questionnaire, please contact

Section A


1.      Do you use the library, on average: (please tick one)

less than once a month                                                                 o       
once a month                                                                                
once every two weeks                                                                  
once a week                                                                                 
two or three times a week                                                            

daily                                                                                              o

2.      Which library facilities do you use?  (please tick all that apply)

books (lending)                                                                            o
audio cassettes  & music CDs                                                      
video cassettes                                                                             

            CD-Roms (lending)                                                                      o

            talking books                                                                                 o

reference books/information (e.g. newspapers)                            o

computer facilities                                                                         o
other (please say what)                                                                




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