Quantitive business analysis – managerial report

Option 1 – Jackson County Judges


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Quantitive business analysis – managerial report
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Jackson County judges try thousands of cases per year. In an overwhelming majority of the cases disposed, the verdict stands as rendered. However, some cases are appealed, and of those appealed, some of the cases are reversed. Jackie Chan of The Star Tribune conducted a study of cases handled by Jackson County judges over a three-year period. In the Excel file, Judges, are the results for the 182,908 cases handled (disposed) by 40 judges in Common Pleas Court, Domestic Relations Court, and Municipal Court.


The purpose of the newspaper’s study was to evaluate the performance of the judges. The newspaper wanted to know which judges were doing a good job and which ones were making too many mistakes. You are to assist in the data analysis by using your knowledge of probability and conditional probability to help with the ranking of each of the judges, as well as each court.


Managerial Report

 Prepare a report (see below) with your ranking of the judges based on the probabilities and conditional probabilities, as well as the analysis of each court. Include the following seven (7) items in table format to support your ranking. Be sure to use five (5) decimal places for your probabilities in the table, as some of them will be quite small.

 1.The probability of cases being appealed in each of the three different courts.

 2.The probability of cases being reversed in each of the three different courts.

 3.The probability of cases being reversed given an appeal in each of the three different courts.

 4.The probability of a case being appealed for each judge.

 5.The probability of a case being reversed for each judge.

 6.The probability of reversal, given an appeal for each judge.

 7.Rank the judges within each court for each of the probabilities in 4 – 6. Then, find the sum of the ranks and get an overall ranking for each judge. Evaluate and discuss the meaning of your results. Use tables, charts, graphs, or visual dashboards to support your findings.



Write a report that adheres to the Written Assignment Requirements under the heading “Expectations for Written Assignments”.

One inch margins on all sides of the document.

• Double-space entire document, including the reference page.

• Use Times New Roman, black font color, and size 12 font for the entire document, including

the reference page.

• Include a separate title page with the following information. Centered in the top half of the

page: (a) paper title, (b) student name, (c) course number and name of course, (d) name of

institution, (e) name of instructor, (f) date submitted. All major words are capitalized and not

bold. Insert the page numbers on the title page. Start with page 1.

• Insert running heads in the header of each page. The phrase “Running head:” (without

quotation marks) should appear only on the title page with the first 50 characters (this

includes spaces, but should not break up a word) of the paper’s title in all caps. All subsequent

pages should only have the 50 characters of the paper’s title in all caps. for

instructions on how to format running heads or you can use the

already formatted in APA.

• The title of the paper is repeated at the beginning of the body of paper, centered, major words

capitalized, and not bold. This is not considered a header.

• Use headings within the body of the document. Please refer to the APA manual (p. 62)

or Purdue OWL website ( )

for heading details.

• Indent all paragraphs five spaces to the right or 1/2 inch with no extra line space between


Refer to referenced authors by last name only throughout the body of document as APA

believes believes using authors first names may lead to a gender bias.

• Spell out all phrases when first used in a document with the acronym in parenthesis after it.

Just the acronym can be used in subsequent uses.

Example: The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Motorola stated…

• In-text citations should be used throughout body of document. For more information and

examples, see page 5 of this guide.

• Directly quoted material should be cited to page number or paragraph number of where the

quotation was found. See page 8 of this guide for examples and more information. Keep in

mind that only 15-20% of your paper can be quoted (i.e., one quote per page).

• Block formatting is required for quotes of 40 words or more. For a block quote, indent entire

quote 5 space to the right or 1/2 inch, do not use quotation marks, and place the period at the

end of the quote, not the citation. See examples on page 9 of this guide.

• Use a page break (common feature in word processing software) to create a new page for

reference citations. The word “References” should be centered at the top, not bold, and should

not have any punctuation. References are double spaced and in hanging indent format and in

alphabetical order. For more information and examples, see page 10 of this guide.


As with all written assignments you should have in text citations and a reference page.


Your report must contain the following:

 •A title page in APA style.

 •An introduction that summarizes the problem.

 •The body of the paper should answer the questions posed in the problem by communicating the results of your analysis. Include results of calculations, as well as charts and graphs, where appropriate.

 •A conclusion paragraph that addresses your findings and what you have determined from the data and your analysis.


Submit your Excel file in addition to your report.

Excel file attached to this assignment


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