Question 3: read the below quote and rewrite.


Read the below quote and rewrite it in your own words so that the meaning is the same. Make sure to use a citation after your statement since this author gave you the original information. Make sure to add the reference to the bottom of your post. (Keep in mind to paraphrase the entire paragraph and not just the quote below).

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Question 3: read the below quote and rewrite.
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A nurse is asked by another to sign off a medication waste, however the nurse did not show the waste to anyone because she stated it was too busy and no one was around. “How individuals respond to these ethical dilemmas depends on their previous experiences with unethical behavior, their individual personality traits, and their ethical values, as well as their knowledge of ethical principles” (American Nurses Association, [ANA], 2014).

American Nursing Association. (2014). Moral courage in healthcare: Acting ethically even in the presence of risk.  The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing. 15(3). Retrieved from



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