Question 3: research | Human Resource Management homework help

Within the topic of Homeland Security Management
The ability to read, understand, critique, and integrate research studies and to design astudy to address a gap in the research literature is a vital tool for a doctoral student. As youwrite your dissertation, you may be reading hundreds of studies, many of which you willevaluate as part of a coherent literature review.Select five empirical articles from peer-reviewed journals that:• you consider critical to your understanding of your area of dissertation research• all address a particular phenomenon and attempt to contribute to theory about itPart 11. Describe each study, including:• the research problem, questions, or hypotheses• the research purpose• type of design and elements of the design (e.g., sample, data analysis,operationalization of constructs)• threats to validity and if and how they were addressed• the findings and their implications2. Critically evaluate each study: Does the author make a compelling case for the meaningand significance of the findings?Part 2Write a literature review that explains what is known and not known about the phenomenonbased on a critical evaluation of the five studies.Part 3Develop a research question that addresses one of the unknowns you identified in Part 2and sketch a quantitative or qualitative study that can answer the question about what isunknown and contribute to theory (in some sense of theory you discuss in Question 1).Address:• the research purpose• type of design and elements of the design (e.g., sample, the type of data you needto collect and how you will collect it, data analysis)• the strengths and weaknesses of your envisioned design and methods• quantitative: threats to validity and how your design will address them• quantitative: the constructs you will measure and what you will do in order todetermine how to operationalize them (you need not identify specific measures)• qualitative: your means of ensuring the quality of your findings• justification for why your chosen design and methods are more appropriate for yourresearch question than alternatives you have considered• your methods of data analysis• how the data you collect will enable you to answer your research question andcontribute to theoryDraw on the additional resources for this course for guidance in understanding the concepts question.The structure of your paper should be as follows:Title pageBody (10-15 pages, no more or less; APA Style; use appropriate headings fororganization of the paper)References (APA Style)

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Question 3: research | Human Resource Management homework help
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