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Federal law requires that employers not discriminate on the basis of a person’s race, sex, national origin, age over 40, and other protected categories. The nature of our workforce is changing and becoming more diverse in several areas, such as age, generations, educational levels, work experiences, military experiences, countries or national or regional backgrounds (pages 26-31) and (pages 80-88).

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Questions to answer not essay !!!
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The focus of an organization can be to merely comply with the laws or to develop an approach to the diversity that is found in our society and the workplace in a strategic manner that will benefit the organization as all employees are seen as contributors to the mission and goals of the organization.

After reading the referenced pages in the Instructional Materials, respond to the following:

Respond to the following questions concerning EEO Laws and Diversity or Multiculturalism:

These are the questions to answer:

  1. From an HR perspective, explain your understanding of EEO laws, the EEOC, and the protected individuals.
  2. Are all of these laws still necessary today? Why or why not?
  3. How might an organization create an environment where EEO laws are complied with on a daily basis?
  4. What is the competitive advantage of an organization that is able to engage a diverse workforce toward meeting company goals?



Read Chapter 2 – Developing and Implementing Strategic HRM Plans – found in the Instructional Materials provided on your course homepage and respond to the following questions regarding the Ulrich HR model described on pages 40-43 and the explanations of the relationships between a company’s strategic plan, an HRM strategic plan and an HR plan found on pages 44-61:

This are the questions:

  1. Explain the importance of HR managers and their role in an organization when they position themselves as strategic partners. How does the Ulrich HR model apply to this focus on HRM strategic plans?
  2. Suggest ways that line or operations managers might improve communications with HR managers so that they share knowledge, obtain assistance and support, and focus jointly on what they each need to operate effectively and efficiently and to contribute to knowledge that enables a strategic partnership to develop.
  3. Describe obstacles that get in the way of an effective working relationship between HR professionals and management. Use personal examples that you may have experienced or observed. If you do not have these examples, use results of an internet search to find some examples.
  4. Review the six parts of the HRM plan, beginning on page 51, and select one part of the HR planning process to explain which part you believe is most difficult and explain why, and then identify the part you would find easiest to do at this point in your work life and explain why.

This is the link of the book so you can find those pages as you can see you need to check some of the pages in order to answer the questions 

LINK of book (

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