Read and complete the activities for flvs module 5.02 “time for tone”

Please read and complete the activities in FLVS Module 5.02 “Time for Tone.”  Review the materials and answer the following questions using complete sentences and evidence from the text. 

 Please make sure you are answer questions in COMPLETE SENTENCES. Be aware of spelling, punctuation, capitalization and grammar. 

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Read and complete the activities for flvs module 5.02 “time for tone”
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Do NOT copy and paste from the module. The answers should be in your own thoughts and words from what you learned. 

1.  Writers like to use words in unusual ways to get a reaction from their audience. What is funny about the statement “An elephant’s opinion carries a lot of weight”?

2.  What does the author mean “Language is a fluid tool”?  How can the changing meaning of words help writers explain their ideas?

3.  Define “pun.”  Provide an example. Use your OWN example and NOT one from the text. 

4.  On page 4 of Module 5.02, there is a short excerpt from the play “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakesphere.  Why does he use word play to forshadow the fate of a character?

5.  Read over the poem on page 8 of Module 5.02 and then click on the hyperlink to “Bonus.”  Explain how rhyme and repition influence the tone of these two poems.


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