Read stamped from the beginning ,

In the prologue to his book Stamped from the Beginning , Ibram Kendi defines racist ideas (p. 9) and blames racist policies for the racial disparities that haunt Black people’s lives. He argues that in terms of response to racial disparity, there have been three groups throughout US history until today: Segregationists, Assimilationists, and Anti-Racists (p.2) . As you read p. 1-11 in teh attachment provided here, respond to the following:

1- In your own words, explain what Kendi means by

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Read stamped from the beginning ,
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a- racial disparity and give an example of one or more of the statistics he mentions on p. 1-2.

b. racist ideas (p. 9)

c. assimilationists, segregationists and anti-racists- the groups he says always existed in US history. Do you think that people belong to one of these three groups in terms of their views of race today in the US ?

2- Kendi explains that he had racist ideas against his group (Black people in the US) before writing the book and that he realized that he was wrong as he was working on this book. Explain what his ideas were and his argument of why and how he realized they were wrong,

You must write in your own words but must back your responses by showing evidence from the reading. Add quotes or refer to specific parts of the reading that back up your responses


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