Reading assignment 3 – dancer 17

Due Date: Monday March 1 at **9:00AM**

-Summarize readings

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Reading assignment 3 – dancer 17
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  • You will need to submit this assignment on time….
    The suggested  format should be as follows- 
    Paragraphs — **You should develop a few ideas, themes, topics to develop your paragraphs.
    ***Include sources and follow APA style! 
    1. You will Choose 5-10 most important ideas covering the assigned readings.
    2. For each point you will need to write your very own title -example: Chapter 5, Chapter 6, 7 – and a short paragraph (5 sentences, give or take). The tittle should introduce each idea and provide insights and ideas. 
      • Last sentence should be a reflection explaining the importance of the chosen point: why it is relevant for the TV industry,  or how impacted or impacts society. 
    3. Follow a clear structure when transferring your ideas to the paper.
      • In the first sentence;  mention the idea/concept that you have selected.
      • In the following sentences; develop the point giving key details, or specific examples: information taken from the assigned readings and provide some of your own opinions and insights, 
      • Finally, in the last sentence; you NEED a reflection… Explain why this idea is relevant (for the development of the TV industry or for the society in general).  
      • Tip: avoid mentioning other concepts or moving on to explain different ideas in the same paragraph;  focus on developing the point you have chosen. 

Rubric attached


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