Reflect career plan | English homework help


Knowing which career you want to pursue is an important first step to tackling your job search and career goals. However, simply identifying an ideal position will not propel you to achieve these goals. To successfully attain your goals, there are recommended action steps for you to take. For this discussion you will explore the requirements for your potential career path, assess your current skill set, and identify what action steps you can take to make your career goals more attainable. Take these steps to prepare your discussion post.

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Reflect career plan | English homework help
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Initial Post: Create an initial response that addresses the following components:


  • Identify your long-term goals. Where would you like to be one to five years from now? What is the industry and specific role you would like to pursue for your career?
  • Explore the skills and qualifications related to this type of role. What qualifications do you already possess? How closely do your skills and qualifications align with those described in Chapter 1.1-1.3 of your textbook?  Be specific in citing the text to support your response. What new skills, knowledge, certifications, or trainings might you need to be successful? Identify additional action steps you will need to take to be even more qualified for the position you would like to pursue. Be sure to set reasonable deadlines for these action steps.
  • Reflect on your resources. What barriers do you need to overcome to be successful? Are there individuals in your personal or professional network that can help you?



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