Reflection assignment | Education homework help

Students will submit a reflection on the course material for grading.

  These reflections may take any form, but must include:

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Reflection assignment | Education homework help
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 1) reference to the course material or one theoretical concept for the week and

 2) relation to one’s personal life and/or a popular culture example.  

Reflections may take the form of: a written paper, a video or vlog post, a song, podcast, zine, or any other form of creative work.  In the case of visual artistic submissions, a short paragraph may accompany the work to demonstrate the connections to the course material and personal life and/or popular culture.

Reflection journal entries should be no more than 3 pages in length if they are written, or 5 minutes in length if they are produced in another form.

reflection journal entry should use the theory and concepts for the class that is about to commence.

The reflection should be about one of these two titles:

1) Feminisms, the Waves & Critiques.

2) Oppression, Intersectionality & White Privilege.


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