Reflections about diverse learners and inclusion


Reflections about Diverse Learners and Inclusion 

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Reflections about diverse learners and inclusion
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Paragraph 1: Discuss diversity and inclusion as you understand it. Define the terms and discuss the importance of considering diversity and inclusion from the teacher’s perspective.

Paragraph 2: Discuss your views on diversity and inclusion and provide examples. What do you find important about how diversity and inclusion relate to interactions children have with peers and adults both within and outside of the classroom? In essence, why are teachers concerned about diversity and inclusion within their classroom and offering diverse perspectives through literature and other materials they provide students?

Paragraph 3: Discuss your views on diversity and inclusion and provide examples as it pertains to classroom management. What do you find important when considering the whole child as you experience various behaviors as a teacher? How can you support diverse students’ and parents’ experiences as a teacher?

Paragraph 4: Discuss your overall reflection of diversity and inclusion. Consider how the readings/information have made you think about classroom rules, design (layout), teaching strategies, and other classroom details. Overall, how does your understanding of and your ideas about diversity and inclusion determine your ideas about teaching? How will these considerations impact your students’ experiences in your classroom?

Paragraph 5: Conclusion. Wrap up your discussion of diversity and inclusion. 


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