Reflections about instructional practices | Education homework help


Paragraph 1: Discuss what instructional practices are as you understand it. Define the term and discuss the importance of teachers’ instructional practices on the experience of their students and their own experiences as educators.

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Reflections about instructional practices | Education homework help
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Paragraph 2: Discuss your views on instructional practices and provide examples. What instructional practices do you find yourself drawn to when considering yourself as a teacher? How do the instructional practices you find yourself drawn to help you determine how you would approach teaching in an early childhood classroom?

Paragraph 3: Discuss what considerations you need to make to determine what instructional practices you utilize and/or prioritize. What role will understanding students’ culture and developmental domains play in this process?

Paragraph 4: Discuss how you will consider technology, learning through play, and fostering a love for learning through your instructional practices as a teacher. What role might community engagement and family engagement play? 

Paragraph 5: Conclusion. Wrap up your discussion of instructional practices. 

This has to be done in APA 


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