Reflective essay about service learning project

Notes for the essay :  

1)Our projects sponsor is a non-profit organization called NeighborWorks Blackstone River Valley which supports highschool students around the area to give better education and help them to get in to college. This project is for 3 months and our goal is to complete an effective fundraising process.

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Reflective essay about service learning project
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 2)The project goals and deliverables which we contracted with our sponsor: creating spread sheets for colleges around Mass and RI, Fundraising for students and the organization , preparing trips to the colleges in the area and supporting the organization with school supplies which we bought .

3) We visit the organization every week for communicating with students and complete our given time limit for our work.(  visiting the org. for 20 hours in 3 months)

>>>>>> Instructions are attached in the file.


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