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Module 3: Instruction for Active Learning as a grade 10,11,&12 Robotic and Computer programing Teacher in a high school

Your focus is Indicator 1 – Using a variety of evidence-based instructional strategies to enable students to apply and construct new learning.

Indicator 2: Using differentiated instruction and supplemental interventions to support students with learning difficulties, disabilities and/or particular gifts and talents. Note: differentiated instruction applies to all students (tier one) and supplemental instruction applies to students in tiers two and three

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Reflective teaching paper | Education homework help
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Indicator 3: Using technological and digital resources strategically to support learning.

Indicator 4: Leading students to construct meaning through the use of active learning strategies such as purposeful discourse and/or inquiry-based learning.

Indicator 5: Varying the student and teacher roles in ways that develop independence and interdependence of learners with the gradual release of responsibility to students.

Indicator 6: Monitoring student learning and adjusting teaching during instruction in response to student performance and engagement in learning tasks.

Indicator 7: Providing meaningful, appropriate and specific feedback to students during instruction to improve their performance.

With 3000 words write 3000 words focusing on you as you develop as a teacher

    Reference to Connecticut public high school


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