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Registration for next mod | Business & Finance homework help
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Registration for Next Mod

Registration for Next ModThis “water cooler” style discussion board is for you to discuss your course selection process for next MOD with your peers.  They may have helpful recommendations or experiences to share!  Use the following prompts as a guide: 

  • What is your next course?  Is it required for your degree, or an elective?
  • Have you read the course description in the student catalog or spoken with your Academic Success Counselor (ASC) about the course?
  • Are you already registered for your next course?
  • Are you looking forward to the course?  Why or why not?
  • Do you have concerns or questions?  If yes, please contact your ASC. 

This is an optional, ungraded discussion board. Instructors will not regularly monitor this board.  Your best registration resource is your Academic Success Counselor (contact your ASC directly, or at [email protected] ) .Always register early to ensure a seat in your desired course selection(s 


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