Res 351 week 4 complete (business research ethics) a+ work

RES 351 (Business Research Ethics)

Week 4

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Res 351 week 4 complete (business research ethics) a+ work
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RES 351 (Business Research Ethics) Week 4 DQ1

As part of its bankruptcy restructuring, General Motors (GM) launched a new ad campaign on June 3, 2009, that was meant to feature a streamlined GM: fewer brands—including the Cadillac™, Buick™, Chevrolet™, and GMC™ brands—and fewer models within each brand. What research would you have done to determine which vehicles models GM should retain and which it should drop? What would you have measured and with what type of measurement scale? 

RES 351 (Business Research Ethics) Week 4 DQ2

As we saw last week, getting data to measure is critical.  But how do we get the data in the first place?  Usually, we have to take a sample — but it has to be the right sample, or, as our text notes in Chapter 14, page 365-367, our data collection will not be accurate or valid.  Give an example of a population and a sample from that population. What is the difference between probability (random) sampling and nonprobability (non-random) sampling?  When should you use one vs. the other?

·         Understanding Business Research Terms and Concepts: Part 2 (Explanatory)

·         Business Research, Part II (350+ Words)

·         Team Reflection Summary (900+ Words)


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