Research paper – access control

Select 1 topic from the list below:

  1. The administration of Active Directory
  2. The distinction between DAC and RBAC
  3. Administration of Users and Computers
  4. Security features of Active Directory

Use APA for your work for in-text citations, references, and overall formatting. 12-point serif font double space is expected. Eight to ten pages (double-spaced) of CONTENT is expected. Content does not include the cover page, table of contents, references, or appendix items.  

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Research paper – access control
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Research Paper Writing Process: 

1. Select your topic from the list

2. Develop a writing outline that (a) describes/defines attributes of your selected topic, (b) provides information about the current use and system administration of the selected topic, and (c) discusses security aspects related to your selected topic.

3. Using your selected topic and self-created outline, find research and use current research to flesh your topic discussion.

4. Write your paper using the APA format. Use CURRENT resources (research < 5 years old!!!). Cite your research work and provide comprehensive references, per APA.


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