Research paper and annotated bibliography : advertising

Write a 8-page research paper and an annotated bibliography(Please see my file to explain this,it’ very important). And an work cite page

– both in MLA format.

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Research paper and annotated bibliography : advertising
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DUE day : before 18:00 in May 14 

 Your essay must be a minimum of 8 Complete pages, not including the bibliography and works cited pages. 

Your essay must include at least Four credible sources, but you can of course use more. These sources can come from your research or from class or both.

Your sources no longer than 3 line. 

Please don’t let your source grow like a paragraph.

 Research Paper Title :  Ban Targeted Advertising

please read!! thank you !!!

(please focus on  that targeted online advertising should be banned because such advertising is the primary reason that social media sites and other apps collect vast amounts of user data, contributing to widespread invasions of user privacy )


please make sure have 4 and more argument in this essay.

and 1 more counter argument.


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