Research paper assignment – biometrics

Please use MS word.
Research paper is DUE on the 15th week on class (i.e. Must be before the Final exam week)
Any deviation or exceptions need to be discussed with the instructor first.
Imagine you are a System Analyst at ABC incorporated. Your job is to submit a report about common issues with their EHR system and the improvements that can be done to the system. 
You have the option to discuss one of the following topics: or other related topics. Please start submitting your topics as soon as possible in order to get a feedback. Topics might be revised later if needed. Prior instructor approval is needed.
EHR related technologies:
• Network Technologies such as wireless technology
• Security aspects ( Encryption, IDSes, Biometrics)
• Standards and regulation (HIPPA)
• Current Status of Ministry of Health EHR and the improvement that can be done. 
• Security threats to HER (virus, rootkits, hackers)
• Newer technologies in the Healthcare such as Telemedicine. 

The final paper must adhere to the following criteria: 
• 6-8 pages in length
• Follow a particular forma, but you may use APA format or IEEE publication format (
• At least 3 different citations/resources (paper, journal, website)
• 1.5 spaced
• Time New Roman font, 12 pt
• It has Title page with the topic, the name of the student, and section number ( not included in the total page number)
• Research Sources (Bibliography) preferred to be in APA format
• Introduction or abstract summary about the paper
• Conclusion discussing the improvements
In the paper please discuss the following points:
• What kind of technology you are discussing?
• Brief history about?
• Describe how it works?
• Describe the benefits and the challenges of using this technology?
• Give an actual example of the technology current usage (Biometric scanners, using Ipads…etc), and how it is currently being used? And what was the cost associated with the implementation?
• Show how the improvements helped in the current Environment.

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Research paper assignment – biometrics
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