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MIS567 Research Project Final Paper Assignment: Topic Selection (ungraded, but required)

Review and research the possible topic choices. Choose your research paper topic and upload it via the Week 2 Dropbox titled “Topic Selection.” Your topic choice will be reviewed, and you will receive feedback and/or approval of your topic choice. You do not have to select one of the listed topics. If there is a healthcare information technology topic that you would like to write about that is not listed, let the instructor know. The appropriateness of the topic will be evaluated against the TCO(s) your paper is intended to address.

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Research paper for yourstar | Information Systems homework help
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Possible Paper Topics

Assignment: You have been asked by the executive committee of your healthcare facility to write a report on the strategic implications of information technology for your firm in the next three years. The executive committee has identified a number of potential research topics.

For your convenience, below is a list of possible topics for you to consider. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. If there is not a topic listed here that you would like to research and write about, contact your instructor so that the appropriateness (TCO[s] related, broad enough, etc.) of your topic can be assessed.

  • Electronic health record
  • Computer-based patient record (CPR)
  • E-health
  • E-commerce in healthcare
  • Implementing telemedicine
  • Clinical quality management
  • The use of personal digital assistants in healthcare

Corporate Applications

  • Clinical information systems
  • Enterprise systems in the healthcare setting
  • Clinical decision support systems
  • Expert systems
  • Artificial intelligence applications in healthcare
  • Implementing healthcare information systems
  • The use of the Internet in healthcare
  • Executive support systems
  • Transaction processing systems
  • Knowledge management systems
  • Groupware
  • Intranets

Once you begin your research, you will need to create an outline describing how your paper will be presented. Your outline should include (but not be limited to) the following:

  1. Abstract
  2. Purpose of the Report
  3. Background of the Topic
  4. Discussion of Current Issues
  5. Recommendations based on research
  6. Attachments

Submit your outline in the Week 3 Dropbox titled “Outline.”

  1. Bibliography (APA format)
  2. Other back material as needed, detailed tables, extended quotations from which shorter quotes are taken, etc.

Submit your bibliography in the Week 6 Dropbox titled “Bibliography.”

The Research Project Final Paper should contain a minimum of 10 double spaced pages for the body of the paper (subject content) not including: the title page, outline, attachments, or bibliography. The paper should be researched with no fewer than five citations. Use APA style for citations and references. All submissions must be in MS Word readable format.

You may use Applied Business Research under the Keller Online Library for your research.

Use the APA Style to format your report.

Be sure to check your report for viruses before submitting.

TurnItIn will be used to check all papers for academic integrity.


professor notes : on the outline I did 

The topic as stated, is too broad.  While you will need the sort of information in this topic paper as background, the goal of your research and writing is to delve deeply enough into one aspect to raise the paper to a graduate-level term paper.
For instance, you might decide that the selection process for an EHR in a particular medical setting interests you the most.  Then you can focus your research on that area.
Most paragraphs should contain information you back up by in-text citations, so that it is truly a research paper and not an opinion piece (though your opinion based on such research is an important part.


APA comments:
In APA headers, the short title should be in ALL CAPs on each page.  Also, it must be in Times 12 font.  Finally, set a right-tab (if it is not already set by default) at the right margin, and TAB over to insert the page# field.  In general, do not use the space bar to move text to the right.  In typing, use the SPACEBAR only once between words and twice after periods and colons, and no more.
You have extra spacing between paragraphs.  Make sure your Paragraph settings in Word are set to zero for “space after and space before” paragraphs.
Your reference paget would be perfect were it not for the three line spaces above the heading.  In general, use the ENTER key in typing only at the end of a paragraph, and then once only.  Insert a page break to get to the top of a new page, such as after the title page or before the reference page.



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