Research paper in public health



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Research paper in public health
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The course project asks you to identify a local environmental or occupational health concern and prepare a policy paper recommending specific action. You will research the literature addressing the concern at a broad level and you will identify the appropriate local agency to which you would deliver your policy paper.

Components of the project include a short written description of your topic, a longer, more detailed proposal for the policy paper, a draft of the policy paper, and the finished policy paper.

To successfully complete this project, you will be expected to:

  1. Identify and describe a specific environmental or occupational health hazard.
  2. Discuss the source(s) of the identified hazard.
  3. Describe and analyze the political and socio-economic factors that influence policy and actions toward the identified hazard.
  4. Analyze and describe the regulatory framework that applies to the identified hazard.
  5. Apply the concepts of risk assessment, epidemiology, and industrial hygiene by recommending realistic and appropriate measures to be taken to remediate the identified hazard.

Policy Paper Guidelines:

  • Length should be 20-25 pages prepared according to APA guidelines.
  • Format:
    • Cover sheet.
    • Table of contents.
    • Executive summary or abstract.
    • Introduction: identify the problem and provide overview of paper’s focus.
    • Background: could include a literature review.
    • Context: explains relevant details and addresses regulatory framework.
    • Possible solutions: it is common to review possible approaches to remediation before discussing the recommendation you are making.
    • Recommended policy action.
    • Conclusion.
    • Due by June 5th



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