Research paper managing diversity in organizations

Unit IV Research Paper Research two companies in the Fortune 500 that offer partner benefits. Compare and contrast the companies as you answer the following questions:


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Research paper managing diversity in organizations
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o  How do the requirements for coverage for domestic partners, such as length of the relationship compare with requirements for benefits of married couples?


o  Do companies usually require a waiting period after dissolution of a marriage (divorce) before a new spouse can become eligible for benefits?


o  What factors, such as legislation, may influence the inclusion of these stipulations?

o  Can any of the terms you defined above be applied to either company based on other information you learned about them? Why, or why not?


Use the following terms in your discussion and include appropriate examples for each one:

o  Glass walls

o  Sticky floor

o  Glass escalator


Write a minimum three-page paper using APA formatting, and include in-text citations and reference page.


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