Research project | Law homework help

On Thursday the rough draft is due.  You need not turn in the entire research project.  I only require that you have started the research.  If you turn in a one page which will  include the law and the case or article you are doing your research, that will suffice.  However, please consider the following when turning in the final draft which is on 16 march,  of your research project:

1.  Include a title page.

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Research project | Law homework help
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2.  Include a table of content.

3.  Subtitle each section in bold type.

4,  Follow the format-introduction, law, rationale, case or article, social impact statement and personal opinion.

5.  Refer to the model on blackboard and make sure your research complies with the model.

6.  Write the California code as it appears in the law.

7.  If the California Code is too long, only apply the section that applies to your case.

8.  You must only apply one case.  If you have more than one case, you will be penalized.

9.  Make sure the case is post 1980.  If the case is prior to 1980, you will be penalized.

10.  When briefing the case, apply FILAC.

11. Make sure the law is applied in the case.  Remember, every section of the paper must relate to the law.  Remember, relevancy.

12.  If the law is a recent law, you can use journal articles.  On lexis nexis, there will be a section on law review articles.  Summarize the article in one page.  You  need not apply FILAC.  Just remember to properly cite the case in terms of author’s name, title of article, journal, page, volume and date of publication.

13.  Properly cite the law, cases, article wherr applicable.

14.  Make sure the social impact statment and personal opinion is of substantial length.  If you have a short personal opinion and social impact statement you will be penalized.

15.  Make sure your research project complies with the model.

16.  Proof read and remove glaring errors.



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