Research project need it by oct 12

Project. Students will write a final paper that answers a research question by utilizing risk models. The paper should consist of an introduction section that clearly states motivation and research question or hypothesis, data and methodology section that includes discussion on strengths and weaknesses of your method/model, results section that presents the findings of the model, and conclusions section that answers the research question and highlights valuable takeaways. The final paper should be no longer than 10 pages double spaced using Arial font size 11 with 1” margins and submitted by the due date as indicated. The written paper is worth 200 points, while the presentation is worth 100 points.

Examples of successful research papers: “Investment Risk and Firm’s Market Capitalization”, “Are Islamic Banking Compliant ETFs safer than the Traditional ETFs?”, “Comparing the Risk of Companies with Male CEOs to the Risk of Companies with Female CEOs”, “Is energy industry safer than the automotive industry?”, etc.

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Research project need it by oct 12
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